Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Slow turtle ... in time for Xmas

One of the task assigned in Google's HOP contest was to design a simple turtle graphics module for Crunchy.  This was done successfully by a student as a prototype.  This prototype had some unfortunate limitations in terms of number of turtles and simultaneous graphics canvas existing on the same page, but it did give me the impetus to use the student code as a proof-of-concept and implement a more complete turtle module for Crunchy.

Playing with turtles, and trying to draw fairly complex shapes, made me realize that the combination of using an html canvas and the Crunchy comet communication makes for an extremely slow turtle. It would be really nice to  find a better (faster) way.

The next Crunchy release should include that turtle module ... and an additional bonus: Crunchy can now be launched successfully using either Python 2.5 (or 2.4) and Python 3.0a1.  And the turtle module works with both.

At the moment, not all of Crunchy's features are supported when using Python 3.0.  However, this should no longer be the case by the time version 1.0 comes out.

And, for those that might be tempted to point out Guido's blog entry about not making programs compatible with both Python 2.x and 3.x, please don't bother.  I realize that it is not wise in general to try to do so.  However, given Crunchy's design philosophy to make it as easy for students/teachers/tutorial writers to use - it just does make sense: download, unzip, double-click; nothing else should be needed to start having fun with Python - no matter what new Python version gets installed.

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