Sunday, March 27, 2005

Changing blog's name

Originally, it was my intention to have a blog to post alternate viewpoints (hence the former name Un autre point de vue) as well as some Python musing. Since this blog has been listed in both
Planet Python and
Daily Python-URL, I have felt that non-Python related stuff didn't really belong here. I may revive the old title in a separate blog later...

James Tauber : Simple Algorithm for Recurring Tasks

James Tauber : Simple Algorithm for Recurring Tasks talks about a product (sciral) for keeping track of recurring tasks with priorities roughly based on how late they are. Sciral is now also available for Windows, which Tauber didn't mention. This looks like a simple thing to do in python; I'll have to try to implement it using wxPython.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

First looks: Text Processing in Python

I just received an autographed copy of
Text Processing in Python (a book) from David Mertz (Thanks David; great service!). While the content of this book is available (in ascii format) on the author's website, I find that there is nothing like having a copy in hand, especially when it is a good quality paperback (as expected from Addison Wesley).

There is a lot of material in that book; while I am an avid reader, I suspect that it will take me quite a while to get through it. If you can't wait to learn more about this book, you might want to have a look at
this review.