Saturday, December 08, 2007

Launching Python 3.0 program from Crunchy running under Python 2.5

As part of Google's Highly Open Participation contest, Michele Mazzoni completed the task of creating a new option for Crunchy: one can now launch (starting with the next release of Crunchy - a program using a different version of Python than the one used by Crunchy itself. While I had suggested that the alternate Python version could be set via the configuration options for Crunchy (usually accessible from a Python interpreter), Michele had the brilliant idea to add a simple input box where one can specify the path (or 'alias') of the Python version used right on the page where the program is launched from. This makes it extremely easy to change the interpreter version used to launch a user written program.

Michele has prepared a screencast demonstrating this, which should appear on ShowMeDo hopefully soon.

Thank you Michele - and thank you Google!

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