Friday, April 05, 2019

AvantPy needs you

Update: Since this blog post was published, and before Pycoder's weekly mentioned it bringing in quite a few visitors, I had decided to carve out the friendlier tracebacks into a separate project. If you are interested in this idea, you can have a look at the design document and feel free to comment.  Work on AvantPy itself has been paused until friendly-traceback's API is completely implemented.  The API itself is easy to do - the tedious work is adding in an explanation for every possible Python exception, and translating each of them ...

Imagine that you are either learning Python or helping someone that is learning Python. It is almost a certainty that you will see some Python tracebacks, often much more complicated to decipher than

Imagine if you could see something like the following instead:

Or, if you speak French:

Friendlier tracebacks, translated into various languages, is only one of many things that AvantPy can do to help beginners learn programming.

AvantPy is very much in its infancy. You can think of it as a proof-of-concept that can be built upon.

PSF's request for proposal

Yesterday, on the PSF's blog, some information about a request for proposal has been posted.
I have jotted down some thoughts about AvantPy in this context. If you wish to add your own thoughts on this, you can do so here. I do not wish to get any direct funding from the PSF for this project. However, some potential collaborators might need some financial support depending on their goals.

What is AvantPy

Here are some useful links if you want to find out more about AvantPy.

Contributors to the AvantPy project are very much welcome.