Tuesday, December 18, 2007

reStructuredText files and Crunchy

Crunchy can now handle reStructuredText (.rst) files in the same way it can process plain html ones! This requires the user to have docutils installed - which is normally the case for anyone that writes .rst files.

The test coverage for Crunchy is slowly improving. Currently, 10 modules are mostly covered by doctest-based unit tests, out of approximately 40. Since I make use of .rst files to keep the unit tests, these can now be browsed "pleasantly" using Crunchy itself.

Furthermore ... all the unit tests written so far work under Python 2.4, Python 2.5, and ... Python 3.0a1! This required some tedious rewriting of some parts of the code but the end result is well worth it - if only to really learn about differences between Python 2.5 and Python 3.0.

One thing that I found, which will be no surprise to TDD aficionados, is that code written without testing in mind can be quite tricky to write comprehensive tests for. Add to this the extra complication of making that code run under two incompatible Python versions, and you are on your way to major headaches. It's a good thing I am doing this only for fun!

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