Monday, January 25, 2021

Friendly-contest: we have a winner!

 Since my last post, no new issue has been filed. As the deadline has passed (8 am, AST), I have written a short program to randomly draw a winner. In my last post, I listed incorrectly the entries which I double-checked prior to writing the program, which I tested a few times before the deadline. 

The program I wrote was not the most efficient, but should be easy to understand: I created a list with one item for each valid contest entries, shuffled it and picked the first item on the list as the possible "winner". Just to ensure that I didn't make any silly mistake, I did 100,000 random draws and compared with the original distribution.

The very last of these random draws was determined to be the winner.

Here's the program:

from random import shuffle

entries = {
    "Dominik1123": 19,
    "sdementen": 6,
    "gdementen": 3,
    "tomerv": 5,
    "dcambie": 3,
    "carreau": 1,
results = {
    "Dominik1123": 0,
    "sdementen": 0,
    "gdementen": 0,
    "tomerv": 0,
    "dcambie": 0,
    "carreau": 0,

tickets = []
for name in entries:
    for number in range(entries[name]):

nb_trials = 100_000
rescale = len(tickets) / nb_trials

for i in range(nb_trials):
    results[tickets[0]] += 1

for name in results:
    results[name] *= rescale

print("entries:", entries)
print("draws  :", results)
print("The winner is:", tickets[0])

And the winner is Dominik1123.

Thanks to every one who filed an issue for the contest, or simply tried Friendly-traceback.

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