Saturday, January 02, 2010

Rur-ple is alive again!

Thanks to some wonderful work by some developers who joined the project, rur-ple is moving forward again. :-)  Its new home also features a brand new logo for it displayed above.

Thanks in particular go to Frederic Muller who is moving things along rather nicely.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to add that the logo has been designed by Jason Wu, who is a member of our team in Beijing and does also a lot of work on generating tutorials for kids using Open Source technology, as well as Pockey Lam and Liwen Sun. And thank you André for giving us such a great application!

Peter Nielsen said...

Thank you SO much for creating something like rurple. It makes life a lot easier for us python newbies who find the concepts hard to understand reading heavy books filled with smart computer lingo.

André Roberge said...

Thank you Peter. This type of comment is very motivating and much appreciated.