Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lightning 1.2: yet, another new version!

Inspired by a comment left on my last post, I made yet another change to Lightning Compiler :-) The output window is now at the bottom, so that longer lines can be easily seen both in the editor window and the output window. The reason I didn't do it like this in the first place was that I found that too little text showed up in the editor window by default. However... the new version has an option to hide the output window (using a button, or directly from the keyboard).

Feel free to make more suggestions! As long as it doesn't bloat the program, and that I see some use for them... I'll make the changes to this toy app.

Now, for something somewhat unrelated... I had posted a simplified version on the online Python Cookbook. Now, because of new additions, it no longer longer appears on the front page, and will probably never be commented on again. [After all, who would think of looking for such a little app in the Python Cookbook.] But, just for fun, if you find Lightning Compiler useful, why don't you go to the online Python Cookbook and give it a rating. It would be kind of fun if it turned out to be the most often rated recipe ;-)

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