Monday, September 19, 2022

New milestone: friendly/friendly-traceback version 0.6 (and why not 1.0)

Just a few minutes ago, @isidentical tweeted that PyPy 3.9 had implemented the new enhanced tracebacks that are going to be part of cPython 3.11.  Of course, I had to reply to show that friendly/friendly-traceback have been able to do the same with all cPython version starting with 3.6.1.

A few hours before this tweet, I had bumped the minor version number of both friendly and friendly-traceback from 0.5 to 0.6. I always keep them in sync; previously, friendly-traceback was at 0.5.63 and friendly was at 0.5.42.

friendly builds on friendly-traceback and is the package you want to install as an end-user. If you're just interested at retrieving the data produced by friendly-traceback and format it your own way, as do and, then you only need to install friendly-traceback.  Both these websites have been making use of friendly-traceback quite successfully for quite a while. From that point of view, friendly-traceback is really mature enough to be considered as being a 1.0 version.  However, other  than always including more cases being covered, I have some interesting new additions planned, which makes me postpone giving it a 1.0 version number.

Quite a bit has been done since version 0.5. In particular, Tamil and Russian have been added as supported language. The syntax highlighting of the traceback location has been improved in friendly. Support for a new project, friendly_idle has been added. I've previously described

Note that, when some new highlighted code is shown with friendly_idle, the highlighting done on previous line of codes is removed: this is by design, to help focus the attention on the latest area with problems. 

I could say more about friendly ... but, why don't you try it out by yourself and see what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!

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