Saturday, April 29, 2017

nonstandard module and PEP 542

PEP 542 proposes a shortcut notation when defining functions that would be added to a class. A discussion of this idea can be found here.   Personally, I am not too fond of the idea ... but it's a good test case to see if I my nonstandard module, which I have mentioned before on this blog, could allow the proposed syntax to be used right now.

$$ type
from __nonstandard__ import pep542

def test_pep542():
    class MyClass:

    def MyClass.square(self, x):
        return x**2

    a = MyClass()

    def a.out():
        return 42

    assert a.out() == 42
    assert a.square(3) == 9
$$ python
Successfully tested function test_pep542

The answer seems to be yes ...

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