Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Planning to drop CoffeeScript support for Reeborg's World

When I started working on Reeborg's World, I thought it would eventually be a good site to learn the basics of various programming languages, with fun puzzles to solve. However, I found that it myself including more material for Python (and Javascript) including the recent Blockly addition, with no new programming language easily added.   I also have been reading various posts about people suggesting that CoffeeScript was good to use/learn only after having had a good grasp of Javascript.  By then, programmers would find the tasks on Reeborg's World rather trivial to solve and, in the absence of a good dedicated tutorial to CoffeeScript (or other languages), the appeal of using Reeborg's World to learn CoffeeScript would be rather minimal.

So, CoffeeScript support will be dropped, thus reducing slightly the code requiring to be maintained.

Of course, anyone finding it of value could just clone the repo and recover the CoffeeScript support.

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