Thursday, April 16, 2009

Python textbooks wanted

Python textbooks wanted(1). Actually, what I'm mostly interested in are links to textbooks and other resources that would be useful to educators either teaching Python as a programming language or other courses where Python feature prominently. The reason behind this request is that I volunteered to be responsible to take care of the edu-sig page on the Python site. Through no one's fault in particular, the old page (2) had gone stale and only one textbook was listed. We're now up to six and I am sure I have not included them all. By ensuring that up to date and complete information is available on that page, we can facilitate the adoption of Python as a language taught in High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

So, if you know of any useful information that should be added to the edu-sig page, please let me know.

(1) Actually, this is not exactly correct ... but if you want to send me some for reviews, I won't say no. ;-)

(2) The page linked here will eventually disappear...


Hank Gay said...

I'm not sure what qualifies a book for textbook status, but here are some Python books:

How to Think Like a Computer ScientistBuilding Skills in PythonDive into Python

André Roberge said...


Thanks, but ... I already have a link for "how to think like a computer scientist", and a link to the Python wiki that has links to *many* books. The edu-sig page is targeted at educators (read: teachers and university professors) who would might be interested in using Python in courses. As such, regular programming books are not really of specific interest.

However, once again, thanks for the links - others dropping by may find them useful.

aliannajmaren said...

Hi, Andre -- Great SIG-EDU site you've got going on Python; it's clear that you've put a lot into this since the "old site" was established.

I am currently working on a Python textbook that should be available early Autumn, 2009. This will be "Cloud Computing with Python."

As part of the background work, I've done a review of existing Python texts -- will extract and consolidate and send to you today. There are a few (Higher Ed) texts that you don't have listed, and I can also provide you w/ comments on the various ones.

Again, good work, I'll be linking to your post shortly, and providing content As Much As Possible (AMAP) ASAP.

Oh, yes - you can connect to my blog at, and my website is
Don't have the Python-related materials linked in yet, but will inform you as I do.

André Roberge said...

Alianna: Thank you for the information. Feel free to contact me directly by email andre.roberge at

aliannajmaren said...

Hi, Andre and All --

Have just put up Cloud Computing with Python , which is companion website for the first-semester introductory Python text (of the same name), which specifically includes how to load Python programs to the Google Cloud. It also addresses how Python is the "language of choice" for cloud computing, with a modest coverage of cloud computing in the book. (More references, and more up-to-date material, will be on the website.)

The book is in progress, with publication anticipated in early Autumn. It will initially be available through Amazon.

The website will contain various figures, graphs, tables, chapter summaries, exercises, and projects from the book, as fast as I can transfer them over. In addition, it is designed to be a resource-rich website, as the field is moving much faster than any book can track.

Please visit at your convenience!

Thanks -- Alianna

PS -- Andre -- have just linked from the site to your "most excellent" community SIG-EDU page -- premier reference!

Pierre Scalise said...
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