Saturday, November 01, 2008

docpicture progress

For those interested, docpicture can now display images from the web. There's also a somewhat silly example where I embedded the code for a matplotlib example inside a docstring and have it displayed as a plot when viewing the docstring via docpicture inside a web browser. In order to do so I had to exec the code which is not exactly good practice ... but it serves to highlight the need to either only allow "parsers" from the standard distribution or require the user to give permission to a parser to be able to register itself with docpicture while it is running. I chose this second approach, although if you run the demo, you will not be given the opportunity to approve or not the parser - it will be done for you. This may need to be revisited...

I just announced a new release on the Python list. You can get docpicture 0.2 from here.

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