Friday, October 24, 2008

docpicture: getting closer

This is just a progress report for the curious among you: the previous two images were generated automatically from the docpicture code written above them. If everything goes well, by the end of the weekend I'll be ready to give a sneak preview of the code to anyone interested. Feel free to contact me.


Unknown said...

Is this library a competitor to ReportLab? (

André Roberge said...

@huuuze: No, not at all. The original goal of docpicture is to give an alternative to the Python help() where, instead of simply displaying text docstring, a doctring with embedded images could be shown instead. These images would be created from simple text directives which would not interfere with the normal help() system.

Eventually, it might do more than this - and perhaps become an extension to docutils.

Right now, it's probably only at version 0.0.1. Even when it's at version 1.0, it won't even come close to providing the kind of facilities that ReportLab does.