Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rur-ple 1.0rc2 : bug fix for wxPython 2.8

Three changes; a grand total of 3 lines of code. That's all I needed to change to make rur-ple work with wxPython 2.8 (and probably 2.7). It only took me 8 months to get around to fix it due to a combination of lack of time and, when I had time, my obsession with Crunchy.

Speaking of Crunchy, I found a bug today: any Python output that has something like
< ..... >
in it will be such that the stuff between angle brackets will not be shown. This is because the browser thinks it is a valid tag. The first time I noticed it was when I tried to do help(cmp). Then, I was going through "how to think like a computer scientist" (before I point my son to it) and noticed that the exercise with type(...) did not work. So, it is time to do a bug fix release - but no official announcement of this minor release. I'm curious to see if I'll hear from someone about this bug prior to the next "major" release.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've tried both rurple and crunchy this morning bhut feel like my 11 year old will need a degree in Cp Sci to get it up and running, especially rurple which will not respond to any keypresses, generating an error. I have changed the code (as in a prev post to GetKeyCode) in various files but to no avail .... should I try Rails?! ;-)
any help appreciated.

André Roberge said...

I'm puzzled: there should not be the need to change the code anywhere if you use the latest version (1.0rc3) - it has been changed. I have had various reports stating that it worked properly on different systems.

Could you tell me, preferably by email,
1. the version of rur-ple you are using;
2. the version of Python
3. same for wxPython
4. the operating system
5. A copy of the traceback (i.e. the error that is generated).


Anonymous said...

Just found rur-ple by following a comment on GvR. I'm happy I did, since I like rur-ple better because it seems to offer more depth beyond the very basic ideas.

I was looking for some intro for my grandson who is now 8. I have not had a chance to get _his_ reaction and it will likely be a week or more before I can explore things with him.

As a first step, knowing his interests, I have modified the 'English' translation to replace beepers with 'treasure'.

What I would like to explore is sound effects and if you can give me any sort of pointers, I'd appreciate it very much.

I'm somewhat of a newb with python, but have been programming with other languages for many a year, so I don't expect too much of a problem other than trying to fit things in in a reasonably robust manner.

I would have liked to use the sourceforge mailing list, but it looks like it is overrun with spam :-(

André Roberge said...

I haven't looked at sound with wxPython - I know it is possible. I'm currently on the road and will be back home in a week. Feel free to email me directly myfullname@gmail.com

Andre Roberge