Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pycon 2007: it's Crunch time - take 2

Well, it's done: I've registered for Pycon, booked a hotel room and bought plane tickets. Since November 1, when I first heard that my talk had been accepted, crunchy has changed quite a bit and my planned presentation will have to change. One demo I had planned to do, using codetch, and which I thought would take about 5 minutes will now be doable in less than 30 seconds without having to use anything else than the "new and improved" crunchy. Unfortunately, there has been so much changed since the last release that the documentation has to be re-organized significantly - this means that I can't really do a new release right now as it would likely be too confusing. So, I'm racing against the clock to put everything together to do a new release before Pycon. However, if some of you are interested in having a preview, drop me an email and I'll let you know where you can get the code from and give a quick description of how to use the new features.
Looking at the official statistics, I find the relatively small numbers of attendees compared with last year somewhat disappointing. Given that more talks are going to be presented this year, with a much larger rejection rate, I find this rather puzzling. I imagine the organizers are rather disappointed.


Anonymous said...

The registration opened about 6 weeks later than last year. It seems like the ramp is the same so far, just offset by a constant amount of time.

Just my outsiders observation. I guess the real determining factor might be the early reg. deadline.

Doug Napoleone said...

As the previous commenter mentioned, this is more a factor of when reg opened. The early bird registration price difference only really matters to students, those on a tight budget and the presenters/organizers.

People who have work pay for the trip usually have to wait until budgets for the year are determined.

Most usually wait until it is within the same billing month as the conference (for CCard re-embursement, etc.)

If you look at last years stats you will see that billing month bump.

For some people who are traveling a long way to get to the convention (like me) the additional $65 is nothing compaired to the $1500+ for flight and hotel.

André Roberge said...

I know it's early and I hope you are both right. I agree that the $65 difference is small compared with other costs. I'm just rooting for Pycon 2007, hoping that it's going to be the best ever.