Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rur-ple 0.9.7a: bug fix

Once again, rur-ple was broken on Linux (and Mac OS); however, this time the bug was reported (only the second ever reported bug through sourceforge since Stas Z guided me to make it work on Linux for the first time!). It is now fixed :-)

There must be some other bugs, somewhere... After all, I did not use any kind of "unit tests" for most of the code. Anyone that tries to use rur-ple and find problems should feel free to report them!

As soon as I can get about a week's worth of time (and inspiration!) to write the last lessons, I will be able to finally release version 1.0. After that, watch for a new version that will use a web browser (instead of wxPython) as its graphical environment. Now, what I need is a new name for that future version...

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